Professional freelance journalism, editing and copywriting services, expertly delivered.

Words, words, words祠all write them and we all read them. Itਡrd to imagine life without the written word. Words are important because they impart information, conjure up imagery, fire our imaginations and help us make sense of the world around us.

If you want words written for you, or just need your own fine-tuning, you堦ound the right place ଡinText is a wordsmith. A blacksmith forges iron ᴠPlainText, I hammer words into shape.

For keyword-rich web copy and content, an enticing newsletter, a press release, brochure or more, PlainText has the solution for you. And if you need a skilled and experienced guiding hand to edit or proofread anything from a few pages to a whole book, or are seeking a widely published journalist, come on in᭭ Start of StatCounter Code --> .

"Because good copy should be like champagne - sparkling!쯰>

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