Editorial and text management services

With 20 yearsಯfessional experience editing books, magazines, articles, newsletters, annual reports and brochures, I offer the following services.

Editing for publishers

Specialist subjects: investment finance/banking, business, charities, culture, disability, fitness/health, food and drink, gender issues, human rights, management, music, personal development (general, sexuality, relationships).

Editing for non-publishers

Writing a business report, PowerPoint presentation, company newsletter, annual report or brochure? PlainText provides full text management services:

Whatever your requirements, PlainText can put your mind at rest by ensuring your documents are in top-notch condition before publication and distribution.

Editing of English as a foreign language

If you employ staff from overseas, it௦ten the case that their spoken English is excellent but that their written skills are less fluent. My 12 years living and working in Paris and Amsterdam mean I am highly experienced at untangling English written according to the rules of another language. Dunglish, Franglais, Spanglish, Germlish 鯵 name it, I堳traightened it out.

House style for businesses

If your business needs to implement consistency across all its written materials, from the annual report down to the letters you send to your customers, I can create your own in-house style manual. Style manuals can be delivered in both electronic and print formats, according to your requirements.


PlainText provides a full consultation service on all aspects of text management for businesses. If you don't know where to start, just ask. PlainText is here to help.



ﵩse was recommended and came top from among five other financial research specialist editors. Her company PlainText has provided an excellent service: always on time, discreet and often to very tight deadlines. She has been a pleasure to work with over the past 8 months and we hope this relationship continues. Am delighted to recommend PlainText for editing work.ﰾ

Otkritie Financial Corporation

᮹ thanks for your prompt delivery of this project. It's been a great help and looks in good order. I'm sure the author will be happy, as are we. I'm glad you enjoyed working on the project.ﰾ

Risk Books

衴's great - many thanks for all the material on the report; it looks very professional and well handled from first look.ﰾ

Risk Books

૮ow our client is very happy with your work. Hopefully he will contact you for more. I certainly will as well should the opportunity arise. Thanks for your help.ﰾ

European Cultural Foundation

衮k you so much for doing this so quickly for me. You have no idea how confident this makes me feel sending this document now you have looked over it. There is always a nagging doubt that I have spelt things wrong or the detail of the document is not good. I am very pleased with what you have done.ﰾ

Sharon Hewitt, Chiltern Relocation

“Editing is more than correcting punctuation – it’s about improving everything for the reader”